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Welcome to the Caswell’s Strings website. Please join us on a fascinating journey to find out more about us as we go back 50 years with a family business that has served four generations of string players, teachers and performers.

Caswell’s Strings is one of Britain’s oldest mailorder companies specialising in Instruments and accessories for the Violin family. With roots extending back over 50 years ago in the South West of England and in Bristol, the Caswell’s shop became a household brand under the name Hamilton Caswell’s; known throughout the world for its extensive range of fine instruments and for the largest collection of bows in Europe. Throughout all those years a unique catalogue was sent out every year to players countrywide, and to every school in the land.

On the retirement of Mr. Hamilton and subsequent to his famous ‘sale of the century’ the name Caswell’s was adopted to carry the business forward as Britain’s largest supplier of accessories for the violin family, while the catalogue continued to grow, with a mailing list of tens of thousands of both professional and amateur players, teachers and schools.

To make the company more accessible to the whole of Great Britain it was moved ‘lock stock and barrel’ in 2004 to a central location in the heart of England, just 30 minutes north of Oxford, and equidistant between the M40 and the M1. The catalogue continued year by year, but with the addition of convenient ordering by email and now (being the 21st century!) a new website to cater for the emerging generation of discerning string players and students.

We invite you to examine our extensive range of student instruments, the separate listing of advanced instruments, the pages of accessories and teaching aids, the Tonerite, the bows, and the books. We welcome any comments on the website and on our service, with a view to constant improvement ,so that shopping at Caswell’s remains a happy experience as it has done for many decades.

Opening Hours

The Shop is open on Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm. To try instruments and/or bows, please allow an hour and preferably make an appointment before hand to make sure there’s space.

We are not open on weekends and some bank holidays.

We are more than happy to meet you at the shop on a bank holiday by appointment, please enquire.

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Tel: 01280 707140
Fax: 01280 707142

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