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Bow Maintenance and Repair

August 25, 2016

Bow Maintenance and Repair


The Stick

It is important to loosen the hair on your bow after each session – left tensioned, the bow will over time tend to lose its bounce (camber) and possibly warp. Regular use may also affect the bow, but if the bow is worth repairing this can be done by a qualified bowman. Keep the stick clean and free of buildup of rosin

The Hair

Bows require regular re-hairing with good quality, unbleached horse hair, possibly every six months depending how much playing is done. Hair stretches and falls out with use and if the hair does stretch, the screw may eventually cease to tighten. Never over-tighten as this may crack the stick. Also, avoid touching the hair.

The Tip

The tip is the most fragile part of a bow so treat it with respect and care. From time to time it may need a service from a qualified bowman and especially if any tiny cracks develop.

The Screw and eyelet

Inside the frog of your bow the screw fits into an Eyelet. As the screw turns in the eyelet it tightens the bow, and also holds the frog securely to the stick. If over time the threads on the eyelet become worn, the screw will not tighten and the eyelet needs replacing. At infrequent intervals you may take out the screw and put a tiny drop of thin oil such as sewing machine oil, on the shank.


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