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Caswell’s Strings Bow Approvals

Caswell’s easy, no-obligation approval scheme allows you to try up to 4 bows in the comfort of your own home, and with the expert opinion of your teacher, for 7 days.


Caswells have one of the largest stocks of fine bows in Europe.

Our many bow cabinets contain over three thousand bows! The special chests house bows for violin, viola, cello and bass respectively. All of the small sizes are stocked so that we can cater for everyone, no matter how small or big the size required. Both new and old bows are stocked (we try hard to find the best buys in each) and all are immaculately maintained. If you wish to upgrade your bow (see below) or improve when appropriate, part-exchanges are often possible. We would, of course, need to examine your bow.

Our Bow Department and Workshops

We offer a full service for instruments and bows in our own workshop. Experienced technicians are available for sensitive repairs, bow rehairs and set-ups. We stock a huge range of quality fittings for Violins, Violas, Cello, Bass and Bows.

Selecting a Bow at our Shop

All customers are most welcome (by appointment) to look through our many bows in undisturbed privacy. This is the best way to view thoroughly (ideally, allow at least two hours). If required, up to four of the short-listed bows can be loaned on approval (maximum 7 days) for an unhurried choice at a cost as outlined below.

Selecting a Bow by Mail-order

Four bows can be posted anywhere on the British Mainland* on 7 days’ approval (except for very expensive bows where discerning purchasers are advised to view everything in person before safely transporting an approval selection both ways). Simply telephone us with your needs and your budget and we will select the four best bows, sending them in a strong bow-box. The cost for the service is £20 which covers carriage out, insurance in transit and then collecting the bows. Should you decide to keep one of the four bows, we will deduct half of this charge (£10) from the price of the bow. You may try them on approval for a 7 day period.

* Different terms apply to Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Eire. Please ask for details

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