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Hamilton Caswell drops in for one of his many visits

July 21, 2017

Hamilton Caswell drops in for one of his many visits


Hamilton Caswell, the founder of Caswells Strings over 60 years ago, still regularly drops in to advise us and offer his expert advice drawing on decades of experience and extensive expertise.

Hamilton is very well known in Violin/Cello circles and is an expert in 19th century string instruments and bows. He is also a restorer and luthier, having worked on some of the most beautiful instruments in the world, including Stradivari.

Although Hamilton is officially retired he is at present restoring six antique Double Basses in his own workshop. One of our recent acquisitions is a fine James Tubbs violin bow in perfect condition which Mr Caswell has provisionally valued at above £5000.

Mr Hamilton Caswell examining and assessing our large bow collection:



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