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National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain

August 14, 2014

National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain


National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain

National Children's orchestra

The National Children’s Orchestras of Great Britain (NCO) provides exceptional orchestral training to musically talented children between the ages of 7 and 14. This is irrespective of background and financial circumstances.  Its orchestras regularly enthrall audiences in some of the finest concert venues in the country, performing repertoire usually confined to adult professional orchestras. NCO’s performances are renowned for their intensity, vivacity and commitment, but above all their professionalism.

NCO operates 5 national orchestras offering approximately 550 places to children aged 7-14.  In addition a regional network of orchestras provides over 600 young musicians with the best orchestral tuition and opportunities. Last summer saw the NCO’s Under 12 Orchestra perform at Birmingham Town Hall and the Main Orchestra perform at Colston Hall; both of which have received five star reviews in the press.

To find out more about the NCO please visit or contact them on 01934 418855 or

National children’s Orchestras – concerts

Many of the concerts are open to the public. To listen to these amazing performances by exceptionally talented young musicians, please visit here to find a concert near you.


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