The question is often asked: Which rosin should I use? The following helpful information is provided by Pirastro:

1)  High quality rosins enable perfect bowing without scratching, especially if only a thin layer has been applied. In general:

  • Violinists and violists need harder or dryer rosins
  • Cellists need a medium rosin
  • Bassists need softer, stickier rosins

2)  Another factor influencing the choice is the kind of core material of the string you use:

  • Steel strings can be better played with a hard or dry rosin
  • Synthetic and gut strings can be better played with soft-medium rosins

3)  Experienced players tend to prefer softer rosins for the studio but harder rosins in the concert hall. Hard rosins are best in tropical climate and softer rosins in a colder climate.

4)  Rosins do dry out and lose their characteristic formula so it is recommended using a cake for 1 year only.

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