Orchestral violinist's Companion

Orchestral violinist’s Companion


The Orchestral Violinist’s Companion – Martin Wulfhorst

Superb gift for the violin enthusiast! This set is a guide to the art of playing the violin in a professional orchestra. It is a workbook, reference tool and textbook for:

– Conservatory and college students

– Audition candidates

– String teachers, composers and conductors

– Classes at universities and conservatoires

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Contents (Volumes can’t be purchased seperately, they come as part of the set)

Volume 1:

List of Illustrations

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1. Training as an Orchestral Violinist: History, Challenges, Concepts

2. The Orchestral Mode

3. Learning, Practicing, and Sight-Reading

4. Basic Orchestral Technique: Principles, Routines, and Maintenance

5. Bowing Technique, Sound Production, Coordination

Volume 2:

6. Left-Hand Technique

7. Pizzicato and Other Special Technical Issues

8. Rhythm and Ensemble Playing

9. Decoding and Marking Orchestral Parts: A Manual of Orchestral Notation and Performance Practice

10. Repertoire and Style

11. Profession and Career

12. Resources

13. Index (1) and Glossary: Terms, Abbreviations, Symbols

14. Index (2): Compositions, Composers, Other Musicians


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